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Review of Gomantak

Posted by tflc on February 1, 2007

Gomantak Restaurant
Located at 3452 Kingston Road in Scarborough
Tel:(416) 269-5059

You should Go, Man! (Tak)

The idea of a Goan restaurant was intriguing, and the claim that it was the only one of it’s kind in Toronto seemed to add to the charm. Admittedly, there were some hesitations about the location; Kingston and Markham roads, but once inside, all notions of the mean streets of Scarborough seemed to fade away. Gomantak is a small restaurant and bar, whose dcor makes you feel as if you are in a south Indian cabana. The room is filled with bright colours, plants and beautiful silks -as well as some kicking Goan beats. The owner, chef and waiter-Kenneth D’Abreo is an experienced chef who a successful career in corporate kitchens to start his own Goan restaurant. He is extremely enthusiastic about his culture and happily told all of us about the uniquities of Goan food -coconuts, vinegar, and a lot of seafood.

The TFLC turn out was good for a holiday weekend lunch -Rishma, Ali, Dee, Shane, Debbie, Monica, Allen, Alex, Shanifa, Nadim, Oral (aka Flash Gordon) and Gina. The conversation -as usual was boisterous and creative, (stay tuned for the newest craze in culinary competition,) and the food was good. TFLC’ers had everything from Pakoras, Chapatis, Butter Chicken, Palak (Spinach), Prawn and Okra, Bhoona Rice, and Chicken Biryani.

The portions were large and the food was cheap, two things that lend themselves to a favourable TFLC rating, that could only be higher if the wait for the food was not as long. With only one cook, who is also the waiter, it was inevitable that our cabana dining would stretch into a laaaaazy afternoon and earn a TFL. Still, some of us found time afterwards to walk around the snow covered sculpture gardens and the Guild Inn. Umm, sorry to anyone who followed my initial directions, that wasn’t on purpose.

Written by Dee Brown, TFLC Reviewer 


One Response to “Review of Gomantak”

  1. Chris Lee said

    Place is closed. Gone. We drove over there and there was nothing!

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